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💥💥💥 The quick drying stone caddy we love is back! And you get TWO! Beautiful, chic and so useful. It dries up excess water fast and it’s a natural earth stone too. Perfect for the kitchen and bath. Save 50% when you enter 50UG4U3C at checkout. A note: Sophie brought this with her to the dorm over the Summer. She refused to leave her things in the shared bath so she was able to set this on top of her dresser to dry without water dripping all over. She now uses it in her shared bath with her sister. They each have their own on separate sides of the sink. Fair warning, don’t touch Sophie’s stuff… she knows if it was moved a millimeter. 😆 Mr. HW loved it so much I got him his own for Christmas.
50UG4U3C Copied!
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