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Emergency Stain & CHATEAU SPILL Red Wine Stain Remover

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I may have had a little “incident” the other night involving red adult beverages, pasta sauce and my wine lips… 🤣🤣 (If you’ve had a sip too many then you know exactly what I mean by “wine lips”. 😆) It was Emergency Stain to the rescue. I’ve been using these two products for YEARS. I simply haven’t found anything better. And now with the holidays coming around I’m sure there will be times when my guests have wine lips too. 😂

Emergency Stain products are non-toxic, effective and work on everything from rugs to upholstery and your favorite sweater too. Use it on simple and stubborn stains. I always have a stash in my laundry room. We are messy people so I keep it right on top the washing machine. 🫣

Enter 15HUMBLEW and Subscribe to drop the price! Not sure about it? Try the single bottle. And, if you already know how great the product is, grab the multi-pack. You’ll be thrilled with the results. 🥰

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