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KERANIQUE Eyelash Serum!

💋💋💋 Beauty Savings! My usual premium eyelash serum had been irritating the devil out of my eyes. 😈 I had to stop using ALL the ones I had. Yes, every single one. I was so sad. 😭 And then, KERANIQUE came along. 😍 I was honestly afraid to try it. 😬 Oh em gee, I love it!! 👏 Why? So smooth, silky, hydrating and NO irritation. But I wasn’t convinced so I gave it to Glamour teen who is allergic to everything! 🫣 NO irritation and I can already see some fullness only 2 weeks in (recommended for at least four weeks). It’s cruelty-free formulated without irritants – no prostaglandins, formaldehyde, benzyl alcohol, parabens, or any other potentially harmful chemicals. Thank goodness! XoXo, Donna

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