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Michael Meyers Tee

🎃 Did I ever tell you that the FIRST horror movie I ever watched was Halloween? 🔪The second horror movie I ever watched was Halloween 2 (that was about 10 minutes after the first Halloween movie ended). 😳 I may have been wide awake for at least a week afterward sweating and hyperventilating under my blankets convinced Michael Meyers was coming for me! 😳I swear I was traumatized for at LEAST a decade after that. 🤣
When Janmarie posted this tee I nearly broke my fingers ordering it! It’s perfect and insanely appropriate at this time. 🤣 I paired it with that fantastic flannel from Jane, the BTFBM stretch jeans, and Sorels. It’s a super fun and grown-up idea for Halloween!
**Do you remember your first horror movie?!?! **😱
👖 Jeans —->
👢 Boots —->
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