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Dowerme Halter Style Maxi Dress

Dowerme Halter Style Maxi Dress

So pretty! I love the new release from dowerme (BTFBM’s sister brand). This halter style maxi dress is a classic! Pleated neckline with elastic waist. Opaque and easy to wear with your choice of four whimsical floral prints. The dainty and subtle print makes this dress just perfect for work, worship and family events. You’ll feel beautiful wearing it. Be ready for the compliments!

Choose a color from the link and then a size, clip the digital Q and head to checkout to drop the price to $21.19. That price will reflect at checkout, not the cart.

👉 True to size (small, 5’5). —->
👉 Necklace —>
👉 Sandals —->

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