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HW T-Shirt

🎉 🎉 They said, “Hey, apply to the Merch by Amazon program.” I said, “Clearly you’re speaking to someone else.” 🙄

They said, “Hey, you should really apply to the Merch by Amazon program.” I laughed until I snorted. 🤣

They said, “Hey, you should apply to the Merch by Amazon program.” I said, “Oh good grief. I’ll apply so you can reject me and I can move on over here. I’ve got laundry to fold.” Applied in a huff and forgot about it.

Then…… accepted to the Merch by Amazon program and 💩 my pants a little. 😱

Created a tee and then sat on it for two months. I thought, “I don’t know if I can do this.” 😞 HW Daddy whispered in my left ear (he’s been gone for 15 years and he still whispers in my left ear), “Make it about someone other than you. What can you do to make this meaningful.” 😍 I thought, “I can donate all the proceeds to a charity that empowers women.” He said, “That’s my darling.” 🥰

And so here it is. The FIRST (and only 🤣, but maybe not the last🤔) piece of THW merch. It’s a cotton blend v-neck tee in two colors that features the tag line and logo. The fit is slim so I would suggest sizing up for comfort.

All proceeds from this months sales are being donated to Live Your Dream ( This charity helps women live their dreams whether that means starting a business or continuing education. They are committed to preparing girls and women for success, giving them the opportunity to receive an education and ending violence.

And here it is. XO, Donna 😘
See there. —->

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