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Asutra Take Out the Toxins healing clay

💥🔥 Self care savings! The lowest price to datr!
Oh em gee… I purchased the Asutra Take Out the Toxins healing clay in December and paid full price. I’m not even mad because it is amazing. 👏 There’s no scent (thank you for that) and I use it on my scalp and skin to detoxify. Use it in the shower after you dry brush and your skin will literally glow. 🙌
Mix it with water and some apple cider vinegar for your face. My girls use it to spot treat acne and it works. How, I’m not sure but it pulls out on the junk. It has a rare savings today. I’m over the moon with this one. It’s head and shoulders above the others. Highly recommend especially at this price. It’s fantastic.
Asutra is a small but mighty woman owned and woman led business. AND, guess who else is a fan?! VENUS WILLIAMS! 😱 And guess who else? Jennifer Lopez!! 😍 I love this brand.
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