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Crushed Ice stone

💥💥 Brand new! Group exclusive!
😱😱😱 Oh my word! It’s new, it’s gorgeous, it’s a Group Exclusive! My friends SOKUNZE just let me know they have released a brand new stone! It’s called Crushed Ice and it’s even more brilliant that the moissanite we love. Each “diamond” has 70-100 facets and they are all hand-cut. This 1 ct pear shaped stone has VVS1 clarity. You’ll find Crushed Ice accents along the entire perimeter of the center stone each side of the band as well. It’s beyond breathtaking!
Choose one from the link and head to checkout, no the cart to save. They have offered us a 50% savings as an introductory offer. This will be offered at full price only once a certain amount of inventory has been purchased. Very highly recommend! 🥳  XO, Donna
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