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Hilife handheld steamer

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True story! I told Sophie to bring this to the dorm with her while she was at NYU’s Summer program. She said she didn’t need it. ONE week later she asked me to bring it because she said she looked like she “rolled out of the hamper”. EVERY single one of those girls in the suite was using it. SO, I get another call. “Mommy, can you send another one? We need another one.”
The #1 best selling Hilife handheld steamer has an awesome price today. Let me tell you, this little booger is powerful!!! I use it every day and that says a lot because I have three other steamers. This one heats up the fastest and it the most powerful. I’ve used it for clothing and my curtains. It’s fantastic. I haven’t ironed in YEARS and never will again! I paid full price (THREE times) and I’m not even mad because it’s that good. Highly recommend. Enter MDPHVLF2 to save!  XO, Donna
MDPHVLF2 Copied!
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