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Insane Le Duo Savings

💥🔥🏃‍♀️ The absolute BEST price I’ve ever seen on the L’Ange Le Duo! I love this and it’s what I use to curl my hair. I’ll be honest, I’m not great with a curling iron so I was hesitant to try this. Well, it’s sooooo simple and gives perfect curls every time. If you’ve been with me for a while you may have noticed I went from straight hair to curls. That’s all thanks to the Le Duo. Super easy even if you find yourself being challenged by that blasted curling iron. The little holes act as vents and blow cool air on your curls setting them and protecting your hair from excessive heat. You can make your curls wavy or tight and they are gorgeous every time. Don’t feel like curling your hair? No worries! Straighten it with the same appliance. Shiny, super straight hair.
You get everything including the Le Duo, four clips and the Sea Salt Spray! Regularly $152 and now just $65 with free shipping! The price should automatically drop the cart. If not, enter MID621DUO at checkout. I just bought the pink for my daughter so she’ll stop stealing mine!😘, Donna 💕  

MID621DUO Copied!
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