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PRETTYGARDEN Womens Summer Jumpsuits

💥🔥🏃‍♀️ OOOOOH EEEEEM GEEEE!!! This is the Tik Tok viral jumpsuit that people are paying over $50 and having shipped from over seas because they love it sooooooo much! I love her so, so much! Super stretchy and look at that waist/torso detail!!!!! 😱😱😱 Pockets too. Everyone is raving about this style and I love the PRETTYGARDEN brand so much that I bought this before I even posted it!!
Pay no mind if it says out of stock, just order through as you normally would.
Choose a size and color from the link (if you don’t see a size you may choose any), and head all the way to checkout (not the cart) to save. The price drops to under $24 and change (vs. $50+ shipping).  XO, Donna
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