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sports tent

😍😍😍 Group fashionista Julia Marchese Fraser says, “When you posted the deal on the sports tent, I considered it briefly and then moved on. I had a different one for years. Sure, I raced toward the brink of a breakdown every time I had to fold it, twist it and get it back in the round bag but I had the YouTube instructional video bookmarked. But THEN, the next day while sitting inside at a baseball game, the absolute dread of knowing that I was going to have to fold and twist that evil thing wearing 3 layers of clothing like a toddler in a snowsuit I knew what I had to do. I came back to this group and found this tent. Add to cart, checkout and then I donated my former pod to house the team’s camera for the livestream. I tell you the relief I had that night driving home tent-less, knowing I’d never have that folding fight again was amazing. This tent is so easy to put up and take down. Big enough for two chairs, plenty of view and even Bear loves it!!!!”
Score it at the same lightning deal price below!   XO, Donna

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